For most of my adult life I had a few chin hairs that I would find every few months. They were no cause for concern, just an inconvenience. However, when I entered my mid-thirties a hormonal change caused me to start encountering more frequent, coarser, chin hairs.
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I began plucking weekly… which turned into daily. I was embarrassed and fought them for a little over a year before I mentioned the problem to my gynecologist. He told me the only way I could resolve the issue would be to have electrolysis treatment.

I found Angelique Peters on the internet and called her up to discuss my needs. I set an appointment (May 2015) and hoped for the best.

When I arrived at her office I was immediately put at ease. The office was extremely clean, she had soft, relaxing music playing, and her appearance was professional. I was also so pleased to find that she was friendly and welcoming.

The first thing she did was explain what was happening with my hair follicles and how the treatment would work. She took her time helping me understand what I should expect and answered all of my questions. I decided to begin my treatment and started with 15 minute treatments every other week.

If I had to describe what electrolysis feels like, I would say it’s like a quick pinch & a zap. Sounds silly to say but that is how it feels to me. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate the pain level at about a 5. You feel it, but for me it is totally bearable. There are no tears involved or gripping onto the table… (If you’ve ever had “threading” done at the mall – electrolysis doesn’t even come close to hurting as much as that hurts.)

I followed all of her instructions to the letter and I the treatment was very successful. After the first 4 treatments we decided to space my appointments out to once a month. As of January 2015, I’m now spaced to every 6 weeks.

I cannot speak highly enough of Angelique. She has been a blessing to me and has helped me solve a sensitive and awkward problem. My only regret is that I didn’t seek her help sooner!!! I would recommend her service to anyone.

Kimberly Pasko, Dalton, PA 

I have been seeing electrologists for 3 years, the last 15 months with Angelique. My most noticeable results came after only 3-5 months receiving treatments with Angelique.
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I feel this is because of flexibility and ease of scheduling appointments and the different technique she offered me.

At first, I came for 1-hour weekly appointments for 4 months, then 1 hour every other week for 6 months. Now, I make 30-minute appointments twice monthly.

I look forward to my treatments. Angelique is very professional, clean, and accommodating. Her technique does not hurt, and our conversations make the time pass quickly. I am thrilled with my results and the level of care I receive from her.

Karen P., Clifford, PA

I never tried waxing. The thought of it makes me cringe and I’m not a “salon” type of person. I got tired of tweezing, sick of shaving, and the no!no! was a no-go. Bought it, tried it, didn’t work..
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Nope, the only logical solution in my book is electrolysis. And Angelique is amazing. Gentle, clean, efficient, understanding, and private. Best of all, the process is permanent. No more scrutinizing my face in the mirror twice a day, no more shaving and/or plucking sessions, and no more checking out my chin at noon to see if my beard is back. Hey—we ALL have something that needs to go! Now my face is smooth, soft, and hair-free where I want to to be, not tough from shaving or dotted with ingrown hairs from plucking like it used to be. I am finally enjoying a freedom I haven’t had for years and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. It’s not an over-night process, but you will see results immediately. It’s not painless, but if you can stand tweezing, this will be a breeze. Really. Call Angelique. You’ll be ever so happy you did!

Helen, Wysox

Unwanted facial hair! It seems to be the only taboo subject left on the face of the earth! But for me it was only taboo when I had no solution….
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Thanks to Angelique Peters and the blend method of electrolysis she uses, I have found the solution and I can freely discuss “that subject”~

I have been set free from the bondage of hours spent weekly combating the problem and from the fear and embarrassment of talking about unwanted facial hair. Thank you Angelique, for your dedication and honesty~ (Now if you could just make my eyelashes grow thicker!)

Kenni Parr, Tunkhannock, PA

My experience with electrolysis at Angelique Peters Electrolysis has been wonderful. From the very start I have enjoyed my sessions with Angelique.
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She is professional, knowledgeable, thorough and extremely gentle. The atmosphere in the room is very relaxing, with soft music playing and tranquil paintings on the walls. Angelique uses state-of-the-art equipment and her office is spotless. After a few treatments with Angelique, I began to have a feeling of freedom… of “lightness.” It’s a feeling that makes me smile each time I look in the mirror and realize I no longer have to agonize about tweezing anymore. And what’s even more reassuring is knowing that electrolysis is permanent… one less thing to worry about!

NB, Shavertown, PA

Electrolysis was the best decision for me. Since my teenage years, I tried my best to conceal the upper lip hair. The most I did was bleach it, which helped but was not the result I wished for.
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As I got older the hair became more noticeable and I began plucking. Now, I was beginning to get what I called the “billy- goat” hairs on my chin and lip. I could run my fingers over them and feel these coarse, hard hairs. The more I plucked, the more inevitable the battle became. One day while holding my granddaughter she reached up and was touching those billy-goat hairs. I thought there is no way I am going to have her look and me and ask one day, “Why do you have a mustache Grandma?”. I researched the options of creams, laser, waxing and electrolysis. I knew that electrolysis was going to be the best way, but time, money and a professional were issues that never seemed to be answered in my search. Then one day in a casual conversation, a friend told me about Angelique Peters, CPE. I immediately contacted Angelique and from that first appointment results were noticeable and I had no regrets.

It has been a year now and I continue my visits every two weeks. The hair is gone and my skin feels so smooth. I began with just the upper lip but now have my eyebrows done also. Some women, it is their nails, their hair, whatever makes them feel good about their appearance. To me this is my feel great, look great answer.

My appointments started out every week for 15 minutes each time. I noticed a difference after the first appointment. My skin is sensitive and I had some swelling and redness in the beginning but that diminished after the treatments continued. There is some sensation with the treatments so don’t go expecting you are not going to feel anything. Appointments are scheduled wonderfully with no waiting and a very calming atmosphere. I would recommend anyone who has been contemplating this decision to contact Angelique and I think you will find it is something you will not regret.

Denise, Tunkhannock, PA

My experience with Angelique has been wonderful. If you are plagued by unwanted facial hair, you should throw away the tweezers and give her a call. You won’t regret it.
—HRV, Tunkhannock
I was always embarrassed by my facial hair. Embarrassed to have it, embarrassed to get it fixed. Until I went to Angelique. The first time I walked into her office, she immediately put me at ease.
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The office itself is centrally located yet maintains a sense of privacy. It’s immaculate and relaxing. And Angelique is excellent.

When I first started going to her I could have gone twice a week, but went once a week for a few months and the difference was amazing. I’ve been going for about 9 months now and every three weeks to a month is often enough to handle the few stray hairs that crop up.

This is a real confidence builder. If you’re on the fence about doing this, just do it. You’ll be glad you did. It’s the single best thing I’ve ever done for myself.

Debbie, Tunkhannock PA