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Hairline, Side burns, Back of neck

Untidy hairs can be very annoying around the hair line.  These hairs generally never get as long as the rest of the hair that we can pull back in a clip or a ponytail.  The hair at the back of the neck is especially nice to have removed so that a clean looking coiffure is achieved when wearing a bun, ponytail or an upsweep.  Even if you have short hair, and the beautician trims your hair with trimmers along your neck and side burns, with each haircut…just imagine how nice it would be to have that hair permanently removed with electrolysis and your appearance will be polished, permanently!


When you have achieved the perfect arch, the best possible shape, you still need to maintain that shape.  With electrolysis the look can be literally “maintenance free”. If you have had your brows professionally shaped, and even colored or tattooed and micro-bladed, electrolysis will be the perfect compliment to really make your brows worry free.

Cheeks and chin

Teenagers to “women of a certain age” worry about superfluous hair on the cheeks and chin.  Vellus hair is common, this is  very fine blond hair, we all have it.  But when hairs are darker and longer, we want to address those particular hairs. Waxing will make them stronger and darker and cause all sorts of problems. Ingrown hairs, a hard shiny appearance and, often, discolored skin  is the result of repeated waxing. Electrolysis is a permanent solution to this problem, your unwanted hair won’t be gone overnight, but it targets only the hairs that are the offensive hairs, will not change the color, texture, or appearance of your skin.


This is a tender area, when we wipe our mouths with a napkin, or when we dab under our nose with a tissue.. over time this causes unwanted hair growth due to constant abrasion.  It the skins way of protecting itself from abrasion. Electrolysis is the best method to deal with this hair. It is a very sensitive area, and waxing or using depilatory creams on this area only make the problem much worse over time.


These hairs are a little harder to reach, but the skin of the neck loses its elasticity over time, making waxing a difficult process to endure.  Electrolysis, again, targets only the offensive hairs and with patience and perseverance the hair can be safely and effectively removed.

Arms and underarms

Plan on spending nearly a year, in some cases longer, on these body parts, but think of the relief of never worrying about underarm hair again.  No shadow, no razor rash, just clean smooth hairless underarms. I always suggest to start this process in the fall and winter, so that when the summer comes you will have a lot less hair to worry about.


The subject of breast hair is seldom discussed, and many women with this trait think they are alone. Be assured that you are not. Hair on the breast area is very common. However, temporary methods such as plucking, tweezing, depilatories and waxing require frequent, time consuming maintenance and may actually lead to an increase in hair growth.    


Like the breast area, many women have this trait.  It is easily removed through electrolysis and can be made much worse with temporary solutions.


This is another common area of unwanted hair growth which shaving and waxing can cause ingrown hairs and rashes.  I always suggest starting this area in the fall and continuing through the winter so that when bikini season arrives you are dealing with a lot less hair than you would be if you had not started electrolysis treatment.


What a true luxury to not have to shave your legs again.  Even if you get them waxed, there are always those little areas that are left- electrolysis can eliminate these little pesky areas of their hairs. It is a long process, but if you have the time, money and commitment, electrolysis treatment on your legs is a real luxury.

Finger and toes

Who wants to shave fingers and toes?  NOBODY! What is more embarrassing that having a beautiful ring, or manicure only to have it spoiled by unwanted hair?  Same with a pedicure. Long hairs on the toes is common, and electrolysis can eliminate it permanently.